Kari Lohne Knudsen

I am an artist who explores landscapes through abstract photographs, documents various industrial environments and photograph babies and toddlers under water - living in Larkollen. 

I have completed courses at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Workshops with Cheryl Newman-Sian Davey and Workshops with Morten Krogvold.

Member: Norges Fotograf Forbund
Member: FEP – Federation of European Professional Photographers

Industry: Aker Solutions Moss "The Art of  Umbilical"
Industry: Åkrene Fjærfabrikk "Et lite Stykke Norsk Industrihistorie"

FAPA 2022/2023 Fine Art Photography Awards: Nominee in Professional Abstract: 
Picture series of 3: "My Beach"  

FEP 2023 The Federation of European Photographers:
2 x FEP European Nature Distinction Award
1 x FEP European Advertising and Commercial Merit Award

Norges Fotografforbund (NFF) Landskonkurransen 2023
Bronze: Aker Solutions Moss "*Øvelse gjør mester - tester og leverer" 
Bronze: Aker Solutions Moss "The Umbilical - Splittet kabel"
Honorable Mention: "Stunning View - Iceland"
Nominee: "Hvem er der?"

reFocus-Awards: Color Photography Contest
Honorable Mention: Category Abstract: "Shell Graveyard"
Nominee: Category People: "The man in the workshop"

reFocus-Awards: Black and White
3 Nominees: Face - Haifoss - Look at my shape  

BIFA Budapest International Foto Awards
Silver:     Fine Art Abstract: "What`s there?"
Bronze:   Bok Dokumentar: "The Art of Umbilical" Aker Solutions Moss

NFF Østfold Fotograflaug Laugskonkurransen 2022
Honorable Mention: Diamant og Gull - Mitt Island

IPA International Photography Awards
Honorable Mention:
Book Documentery: 
"A Small Piece of Norwegian Industrial History" Åkrene Fjærfabrikk AS
Official Selection:     One Shot Color, Abstract:  "The Ravages of time"

Norges Fotografforbund (NFF) Landskonkurransen 2022 (national competition)

Bronze: Aker Solutions Moss "Umbilical" Production of subsea cable for the oil industry
Bronze: Åkrene Fjærfabrikk "Production of the Week"
Antatt/Nominee: The Mystic of the Sand
Antatt/Nominee: Who`s there in Danskefallen?
Antatt/Nominee: What`s going on in there?

NFF Østfold Fotograflaug Laugskonkurransen 2021
Bronze: Aker Solutions Moss "Split Cable"
Honorable mention: Aker Solutions Moss "The Welder"
Honorable mention: "Peek a Boo"
«Øyeblikk» - GalleriKnudsen.net, Larkollen
«8 Evigheter» - Tøyen Startup Village, Oslo
«Moments» - GalleriKnudsen.net, Larkollen
«8 Eternities» - Tøyen Startup Village, Oslo
«Drømmen om lykkelandet», Cyan Studio, Oslo
Sales exhibition at Nemus Moss
Christmas market at the Office of the Auditor General, Oslo

Course in "Introduction to photography with a system camera"
Course in "Using the camera on the mobile phone"
The courses are a welfare offer for employees, including in the Office of the Auditor General

Morten Krogvold Online photo workshop Part 2 (6 weeks) Main task: Aker Solutions AS Moss
Morten Krogvold Online photo workshop Part 1 (10 weeks) Tasks: My local environment and the Swimmer
Photographers Cheryl Newman and Sian Davey:
The Dartiongton Workshop, Dartington Hall, Totnes, England
Mentor: Curator and photographer Cheryl Newman, London
Studied at Bilder Nordic School of Photography: Mentoring program to professionalize my portfolio. The program is led by photographer/curator Cheryl Newman
Mentor: Nature- and Advertising Photographer Helge Eek, Moss

Contact:  [email protected]                         tel: +47 41 03 77 72  
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Foto: Camilla S Tofterå